Myawaddy, August (4)

The Cobra column’s information officer told Than Lwin Times that the fighting between the two sides is likely to intensify along the Myawaddy-Wallay road in Karen State due to the military council’s offensive to control the territory.

The military council army has been invading the region with a sizable force of troops along the Myawaddy-Wally road since July 7, thus the fighting between the two sides has kept going.

There are more military operations led by the forces of the 44th Division in Ukkarihta and Shwe Aye Myaing villages near Wallay and Thone Htet Gwe on Myawaddy-Wallay road controlled by KNU Brigade 6.

“There is a potential that the fighting will continue to escalate as the junta forces led by the 44th Division march along the road, said the information officer from Cobra column.

On August 2, the military council dropped bombs on Myawaddy-Wallay road and Thone Htet Gwe where the fighting took place.

There have been casualties on the regime’s side and no one came to pick up the bodies.

The Cobra column said that the junta side could not occupy any place in Thone Htet Gwe battle of Myawaddy-Wallay road where the fighting had taken place for one month, and the structure of the battalions and columns collapsed, and some were injured or dead, while others joined CDM.

News – Than Lwin Times

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