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 The fake news spreading on social media about the people’s revolution movement in the wake of the military coup will be checked and verified through the Real vs. Fake News program.

Today, we will check the report of military lobbyist Han Nyein Oo, who is spreading false information, and other junta supporters, entitled “Houses torched, destroyed by PDF in Ye-U Township’s Tintain village“.

This content was widely disseminated on the 4th and 5th of August by army sympathizers on Facebook and Telegram channels.

The full report of the terrorist army’s lobbyist, Han Nyein Oo, included some images and stated, “The PDF terrorists burned down the houses in Tintain village of Ye-U District, and it is a trick to claim that the army did it.”

The link below is Han Nyein Oo’s Telegram channel, which is spreading misinformation.


When Than Lwin Times checked the content, it was found that the military supporters were hiding the truth and spreading misinformation.

In reality, it was discovered that the terrorist military council troops had invaded and set fire to Tintain village of Ye-U Township.

The Freedom Revolution Force (FRF), a local-based PDF unit, reported that the military council set the village on fire and killed two people they met on the way.

The terrorist military council troops torched and destroyed Tintainn village in Ye-U Township in Sagaing Region, for three days in a row, from July 29 to July 31.

A total of 313 homes, one monastery, over 250 stores, four rice mills, and two oil mills were burned to ashes.

You can watch the reports of the Freedom Revolution Force (FRF) and local news about the incident by clicking the following links.


Given the aforementioned, Than Lwin Times confirmed that the report that “Houses torched, destroyed by PDF in Ye-U Township’s Tintain village” was fake news spread by the military supporters.

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