Mawlamyine, August (11)

Agricultural businesses and farmers criticized the military leader for saying that the national fund would be spent on essential agricultural inputs, and said it would not happen in reality.

General Min Aung Hlaing said on August 9 that the regime would set up a separate fund of Ks 400 billion for the economic development of the nation, and priority must be given to paddy cultivation.

An agricultural entrepreneur remarked that the military leader’s claim is just the way of the previous military administration, and in reality, the farmers will not get any help and this scenario won’t happen.

“Before 2010, the authorities said that they would provide fuel oil during spring rice planting, but they did not actually provide it,” a farmer said.

In addition, although they say that the state will provide financial support to the farmers, the farmers consider that it is not possible in practice because there are no specific policies on what kind of system and how they will benefit, and the increased prices of agricultural inputs.

The coup leader said that they would provide inputs such as fertilizers, seeds, and fuel needed by farmers for the development of the agricultural sector, and export agricultural products to foreign countries under the leadership of the regime.

“It seems unlikely that the military council will award the farmers access to funding. Due to the lack of other businesses, farmers are forced to continue agriculture at a loss,” a farmer said.

Agriculture-based Myanmar is facing a crisis after the military coup, as general costs, including inputs, fertilizers, and fuel, have skyrocketed, and some farmers are using broadcasting methods to save costs.

The military leader is ambiguously pledging to boost the agricultural sector, which is now facing lots of risks.

News – Than Lwin Times

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