Mawlamyine, August (13)

While the coup leader proclaimed that the country’s economy must be developed within six months, the people are worried about the livelihood of their families due to the gradual increase in commodity prices.

People are struggling for food security due to the skyrocketing prices of goods one and a half years after the military coup.

The price of a bag of Emata rice, which is the most consumed by the common people, has risen from 20,000 kyats to 40,000 kyats, and the price of a bottle of 50 tical edible oil has jumped from 2,000 kyats to almost 5,000 kyats. Essential food products, including vegetables, are becoming more and more expensive.

“In the past, ten thousand kyats was enough for a family of 6 for one day. Currently, this amount is just for breakfast. Rice, oil, and salt are all expensive, so we are in a lot of trouble,” one housewife said.

The price of goods continues to rise as a result of the Myanmar currency’s depreciation, an excessive increase in the price of fuel, high transportation and general costs.

Meanwhile, the price of Thai products has also increased by 15% to 20% per item in one week, a trader said.

Despite the constant rise in commodity prices, people are forced to reduce their spending by almost half with no increase in salaries and to adopt austerity.

The problem of rising commodity prices has affected even the middle class, and the common people are facing a situation where they will have to skip one meal.

A company employee said, “The prices of all the products have gone up, and salaried workers like us can no longer afford to spend. The price of an egg is 200 to 500 Ks, so we can’t even buy eggs anymore. We also use cooking oil sparingly”.

The people face a fiscal imbalance and must withstand all tribulations amidst the increased commodity prices.

The World Food Program (WFP) warned that more than two million people in Myanmar are at risk of starvation this year.

News – Than Lwin Times

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