Mawlamyine, August (14)

In a year and a half following the military takeover in Myanmar, almost all employment opportunities for people with disabilities have ended, the aid workers who assist the disabled told Than Lwin Times.

According to research surveys, 15 percent of disabled people in the country were working in various sectors before the military took power.

The economic crisis following the military coup forced companies to lay off or dismiss people with disabilities.

In addition, people with disabilities working in small businesses and those who are self-employed have had to stop their businesses due to the skyrocketing price of goods.

At least 95% of the employment opportunities for disabled people have come to an end in the year and a half after the military coup, according to a person who supports persons with disabilities.

People with disabilities are currently living in trouble and suffering psychologically and physically as a result of their inability to provide medical care for themselves.

Therefore, the volunteers working for people with disabilities call on people to help the disabled as much as they can.

In Myanmar, according to the 2019 inter-censal survey, nearly 13 percent of the country’s population are people with disabilities.

News-Than Lwin Times

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