Mawlamyine, August (14)

Due to the growth in demand from India, the price of remaining black gram and pigeon pea in Myanmar is soaring, the bean and sesame traders told Than Lwin Times.

The Indian government officially announced on July 18 that it will purchase 250,000 tons of black gram and 100,000 tons of pigeon pea from Myanmar for five consecutive years from the current fiscal year to 2025-2026, and will allow them to be imported from five Indian ports.

India started purchasing black gram and pigeon pea from the first week of August. On August 13, the prices of black gram rose to more than 18.5 lakhs per ton and those of pigeon pea to 19 lakhs due to the increase in demand from India.

A bean and sesame trader opined that the price of beans is likely to rise again in the coming months as the Indian government purchases beans and peas for storage.

The military regime has instructed that all kinds of pulses, corn, sesame, and groundnuts will be exported through the border route or the sea route, and from July 1, export licenses will be issued only for trade in US dollars.

Traders need to show bank slips of previous export receipts for the next export of pulses, maize, sesame, and groundnuts.

Mon State produces tens of thousands of tons of black gram, a winter crop, which is mainly exported to India and Thailand.

News – Than Lwin Times

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