Ye, August (16)

In Mon State’s Ye Township, a few students have attended schools due to security concerns since the second week of August, the residents told Than Lwin Times.

After the military seized power, the resistance forces frequently attacked the regime’s police station, immigration office, and township development office in Ye Township.

On August 3, after the death of three people, including a deputy township immigration officer, in an attack by a resistance group of Ye Balu on the immigration office in Ye, most of the students’ parents stopped sending their children to school.

A resident from Ye said, “the school is not closed. Since the attack on the immigration office, fewer children go to school because they are afraid that the school will be attacked”.

The military council has been enforcing a local order in Ye Township since the first week of August to ensure the people’ security, the rule of law, and the peace and stability of the community.

Although the schools are open, due to the strigent rules of the military council as well as security concerns, there are few students in the schools, and only children from the military community are attending school, a local said.

When Than Lwin Times contacted the education department in Mon State about the lack of children attending basic schools in Ye Township, they asked to contact the relevant district and township spokespersons.

According to the locals, the regime troops have increased security in the township and are currently searching and inspecting the township’s gates and checkpoints.

News – Than Lwin Times

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