Mawlamyine, August (18)

Some highway bus lines have stopped running as a result of the military council’s strict rules and the difficulty in purchasing fuel oil in Mon State, the operators told Than Lwin Times.

In a year and a half after the military seized power in a coup, the junta’s restrictions on export permits have forced bus lines to stop amid soaring fuel prices and shortages.

On the other hand, highway lines have become difficult to continue operating due to fewer passengers and goods.

“If it continues like this in the long run, it will not be convenient for us. We will have to stop our businesses. The military council is pushing us into a crisis from all sides,” a businessman said.

Highway bus lines must therefore operate with a reduced number of vehicles, and several bus lines have ceased operations due to losses, he added.

“Because of the delays, if we depart Yangon, we can’t fill 200,000 Ks or 400,000 Ks worth of fuel. We had to stop at gas stations along the road to refill oil. We have decreased the number of services from four to two because it is not possible to raise ticket and cargo prices as commodity prices are increasing,” a bus line operator said.

In Mon State, there are at least 70 highway express lines that connect Mawlamyine with other states and regions, and thousands of workers rely on these businesses. But in the wake of the military takeover, they find it difficult to keep running.

News – Than Lwin Times

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