2 IDP camps in Demoso run out of food


Demoso, August (19)

The rescue workers told Than Lwin Times that in the western two IDP camps in Demoso Township, Karenni Stae, there is a complete shortage of food and the displaced people are in dire need of relief aid.

More than 100,000 refugees are accommodated in two camps in the western part of Demoso, where it ran out of food in recent days.

The volunteers who assist the refugees said two out of five camps are completely out of foodstuffs, and the rest of the camps have inadequate food supplies.

The IDPs are in urgent need of medical supplies, clothing, shelters, and humanitarian aid.

In the past, some NGO organizations used to support these evacuation camps, but currently, due to the restrictions of the military council, they have not received any support for about two months.

When the displaced people returned to their houses in search of food, junta soldiers killed them, and many were also hurt by mines in their homes planted by regime forces.

There are many camps in Karenni State where there is a shortage of food, and about 75 percent of all IDPs live in these camps.

In the wake of the military coup, more than 200,000 local people have fled their homes in Karenni State.

News – Than Lwin Times


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