Gangaw, August (20)

In the south of GangawTownship, Magway Region, a joint column of the military council with a strength of around 70 troops clashed with the People’s Defense Forces, killing six soldiers and injuring ten others on the junta side, the sources from Yaw PDF told Than Lwin Times.

The PDFs attacked the regime’s advance unit and were forced to retreat by machine gun fired from the main junta forces.

The regime’s forces were attacked in retaliation by the PDFs and their allies using light and heavy weapons, with the military suffering casualties, the Yaw PDF said.

After the battle, a policeman who ran away with some bullets from the regime force was captured alive by the PDFs and is reportedly being interrogated.

A herdsman was shot dead by a gunshot fired by the junta army, and in another incident, a man and his son were taken hostages.

The military council advanced with massive forces in Magwe and Sagaing Regions , and Karen, Karenni and Chin States, and destroyed civilian dwellings while carrying out a number of airstrikes.

Since July, regime troops have been invading the Magway districts of Pakokku and Gangaw, and it is estimated that about 100,000 people have fled the violence as a result of the fighting.

News – Than Lwin Times

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