Yangon, September (2)

Dr. Soe Win Oo, vice chairman of Yangon Region’s NLD party, told Than Lwin Times that some members of the National League for Democracy (NLD) are working for the military council.

After the military coup in the 2020 election on the grounds of voter fraud, most of the elected NLD members resisted the military council, but there are some members who are being exploited by the military council.

Dr. Soe Win Oo noted that the MPs who are doing whatever the military council asks them to do are betraying the party.

He said that the military council troops’ raid on a PDF camp in Kyopinkauk Township, Thayarwady District of Bago Region on August 26 was due to a tip-off from an NLD lawmaker.

Nearly 20 PDF members were arrested due to the NLD MP’s tip-off, and the military council seized a large amount of ammunition, including 10 hand-made guns, rifles, improvised mines, bullets, and solar panels.

Locals say that the camp was captured because NLD member U Aung Ko Min informed the military council.

Dr. Soe Win Oo said that the data of the military informers will be recorded and publicized at some point.

It is reported that there are about ten NLD MPs in each state and region secretly withdrawing political pensions awarded by the military council.

On August 16, the military council revealed that 217 NLD MPs had received political pensions.

It is not yet clear whether the NLD MPs who received this political pension were MPs elected in the 2015 election or those elected in the 2020 election.

After the military coup, some NLD party members signed a pledge not to get involved in politics any more.

News – Than Lwin Times

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