Ye, September (6)

The Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) and PDF joint forces arrested eight solders, including a Warrant Officer II, who received training from Ye Township-based units, the PDF comrades told Than Lwin Times.

On September 4, eight military personnel, after receiving training, were detained by the combined force of KNLA and PDFs on the road of Thanphyuzayat-Ye road.

According to reports, those detainees were military personnel returning from No. (4) Advanced Training School in Thanbyuzayat’s Wekali village after receiving training.

Among the eight members of the military council arrested were four members, including Warrant Officer II, Hla Tin, of Light Infantry Battalion-343 based in Ye’s Aryutaung , and another four soldiers, including private Si Thu Htet from Infantry Battalion-61 based in Ye.

The eight soldiers were arrested while the People’s Defense Forces and the KNLA were inspecting a civilian car on the Thanbyuzayat-Ye road.

Although there are reports that the KNLA’s 6th Brigade and the Taung Nyo Guerrilla Force of Mon State arrested the soldiers, Than Lwin Times has not been able to confirm this and is still trying to reach KNLA Brigade 6’s spokesperson for comment.

Iron boxes and military and civilian commodities were seized from the detainees, but no weapons.

It is reported that those soldiers are currently being held in custody in a PDF camp.

News – Than Lwin Times

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