Hpapon, September (7)

According to KNU Brigade 5, 84 troops from the military regime and its ally, the Border Guard Force (BGF) were killed in the clashes that took place in August in Hpapon District, which is under the control of the Karen National Union (KNU).

There were over 100 clashes between a combined team of junta and BGF and KNLA Brigade 5 in Hpapon District in the previous month.

According to a KNU Brigade 5’s statement, 84 military personnel were killed and 47 were injured during the battle between the two sides, with the majority of the dead reportedly BGF members.

One comrade from KNLA Brigade 5 lost his life while KNLA Brigade 5 destroyed a bridge which was used by the military council.

The fighting between the two sides damaged 24 houses of the local people, and on the other hand, one civilian was killed and five others were injured by the three airstrikes by the junta, according to the KNU Brigade 5.

News – Than Lwin Times

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