Tanintharyi, September (9)

In Tanintharyi Region, more than 240 civilians were killed between last year’s February 1 coup and the first week of September this year, the officials from the research group, Southern Monitor, told Than Lwin Times.

The townships of Dawei and Myeik districts saw the highest number of civilian deaths due to the coup, with 244 dead and 93 injured.

The dead included those who had been captured and killed by the military council while on patrol, those who had been killed arbitrarily by the junta’s subordinates, those who had been struck by heavy weapons during battle, and those who had assassinated as a result of the revolutionary forces’ clearing operation.

An official of the Southern Monitor group said that most of the victims were intentionally targeted.

Since the military takeover, there have been 493 incidents in the Tanintharyi Region, consisting of 141 civilian deaths, 219 bombings and landmine attacks, and 140 skirmishes.

According to the Southern Monitor, the data is currently as collected as it can be and the actual number on the ground is likely to be higher.

News – Than Lwin Times

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