Myawaddy, September (10)

The Karen National Union (KNU) Spokesperson Pado Saw Tawni has warned the regime’s Border Guard Force (BGF) to stop the human rights violations being committed against the public as soon as possible and that such actions are unacceptable.

Along with the military council, the Border Guard Force (BGF) has invaded the administrative territory of the Karen National Union and is abusing the local community’s human rights.

The BGF forces, in cooperation with the military council, have been arresting and torturing the local population, keeping them as human shields, and targeting villages with heavy weapons and planting mines more than ever before.

“It cannot be denied that the BGF has violated several human rights, notably in collaboration with the military council, and they need to stop this,” Pado Saw Tawni said.

The BGF violated the rights of the communities by conducting military operations in Brigade 6 (Dooplaya District), Brigade 5 (Hpapon District), and Brigade 1 (Thaton District).

A few days ago, the BGF army summoned the elders in the KNU Thathong district and threatened to fire heavy weapons into the village if they did not give information about the KNLA and PDF joint forces.

KNU spokesperson Pado Saw Tawni said, “We have tried our best to bring unity among the Karen armed groups, including the BGF, and will continue to do so in the future.”

In KNU-controlled areas, more than 200 battles took place between KNU-affiliated troops and BGF last August.

Over 200 battles between KNU’s allied forces and the regime’s BGF troops occurred in KNU-controlled areas in August alone.

During the fighting, the regime forces and its BGF troops continuously fired heavy weapons into the villages where the local people live, killing some civilians, according to the KNU statement.

The BGF did not immediately respond to Than Lwin Times seeking comment regarding the claim of KNU.

News – Than Lwin Times

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