Myawaddy, September (10)

The military council has tried to control the Myawaddy-Walley route, which is controlled by the KNU in Doopalaya district, and although the junta have suffered heavy losses, they continue to launch offensives, the KNU spokesperson, Pado Saw Tawni said.

Since July, the junta army has launched a hevy offensive using large numbers of military forces and various heavy weapons in order to dominate the areas on the Myawaddy-Walley road.

However, the military council army could not control all the areas for more than two months, and there were many casualties, and some of the military council troops surrendered to the Cobra Column.

“They seem to be quite worried that they will lose the trading city of Myawaddy. Needless to say, this region is both geographically and strategically important. Now the military council is conducting joint operations with three or four aircraft,” KNU spokesperson Pado Saw Tawni said.

In order to control the Myawady-Walley road, the regime army is attacking with a total of 18 battalions, including the 17 battalion under the 11th division, the 22nd division, and the 44th division.

A comrade from the Comrade Column was hurt when the Military Council twice used fighter jets to attack the village of Blatto on the Mywaddy-Walley route, where the Cobra Column was providing security, on the morning of September 10.

On September 9, a total of six military personnel, led by Captain Ye Yint Maung from the Light Infantry Battalion (102) of the 44th Division, who were sending ammunition and food to the regime troops who were on the offensive to control the Myawaddy-Walley road, were captured by the Cobra Column Joint Forces.

KNU has announced that 48 people, including the deputy commanding officer, have been killed and more than 80 injured on the Myawaddy-Walley road, where the fighting has been going on for more than two months.

News – Than Lwin Times

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