Dawei, September (11)

The military council has banned the transportation of basic food supplies, including rice, to the villages in the eastern part of Dawei Township, Tanintharyi Region, where fighting is intense, members of PDF told Than Lwin Times.

This restriction occurred after the fighting between the regime army and the Local People’s Defense Force in the Dawei’s eastern area began at the end of August.

Currently, the military council bans carrying more than 10 bags of rice in a car; if the driver fails to comply with the rules, the rice bags will be confiscated.

“Sellers face difficulties, and the customers have to pay high prices. In these days, the fighting has resumed, and the situation has become more difficult,” a PDF official in Dawei said.

If locals want to buy and store a lot of basic food items, including rice, they need a recommendation letter from the junta-appointed administrators and regime troops.

In eastern Dawei, many local residents have fled clashes between junta armed forces and local PDFs in the past few days.

Furthermore, the military council army arrested more than 100 local residents of Bawapin village, where a fierce battle took place, as human shields, and stationed at a monastery in the village.

News – Than Lwin Times

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