Thayatchaung, September (13)

The military council shot a local man on a motorcycle after they asked him to stop for a checkup on the Dawei-Thayatchaung route in Ottayu village in Tanintahryi region’s Thayatchaung Township, residents told Than Lwin Times.

The security forces were checking pedestrians when they stopped and checked a 30-year-old Ko Thar Nge from Range village on a motorcycle at around 5 pm on September 11.

When the military council forces asked Ko Thar Nge to open the airbox of his motorcycle, Ko Thar Nge refused and was shot at close range by the security forces.

“The security forces shot him dead and left him. The body was picked up this morning, “said a resident.

Ko Thar Nge died on the spot at the scene of the incident, and social rescue team picked up his body on the morning of September 12 and took him to Thayatchaung Hospital.

According to Southern Monitor, a research group, there have been more than 240 civilian deaths in Tanintharyi Region from February 1 last year, when military seized power, to the first week of September this year.

News – Than Lwin Times

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