Dawei, September (16)

The sources told Than Lwin Times that the regime troops raided and searched Maungmaeshaung village, Dawei Township, Tanintharyi Region, and beat and tortured the civilians.

After the 50 regime members entered Maungmaeshaung village at around 5:30 am on September 15, they interrogated the residents.

The junta troops beat people who did not open the door with gun butts and beat them, and they also checked the household census and mobile phones.

As the military council raided and inspected the village, the local people were scared and some ran away to avoid the forces.

A resident said that the Military Council raided and searched the village and left for Dawei at around 12:00 noon.

The military council began conducting inspections after their convoys near Maungmaeshaung village were often attacked by mines, a local said.

Maungmaeshaung village, which has more than 300 homes and more than 1,000 residents, is situated beside the Dawei-Yangon route and is seven kilometers away from Dawei.

News – Than Liwn Times

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