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Welcome to Than Lwin Times’s Real vs. Fake News program.

The fake news circulating on social media about the people’s revolution movement since the military coup will be checked and identified through the Real vs. Fake News program.

The false report that claims “there is a NUG school in Layakgon Village, where PDFs are making weapons,” will be examined today.

This fake news was circulated by Telegram accounts of military lobbyists on the 19th and 20th of September.

The propaganda accounts of the military council were spreading the news that “PDFs from various regions are making weapons behind the NUG school to seize Dabayin Town.”

The fake account of military supporters is

The Than Lwin Times looked into the issue and revealed that the army supporters had distorted the facts in order to disseminate their fake report.

Reliable news outlets have reported that the school that was attacked by the airstrike was not the place where the weapons were made, as claimed by the military lobby accounts, but a primary school in the village of Leyetkone.

In fact, the school in Leyetkone village was attacked by military helicopters on September 16, killing seven children, including primary school children, and 15 others are missing, according to the BBC.

The BBC quoted local villagers as saying that the building that was attacked by the plane was a school.

Ko Tun Aung, a resident from Dabinyin Refugee Assistance Group, confirmed to Than Lwin Times that the place hit by the airstrike was just a school teaching primary and middle school students.

Ko Tun Aung also stated that there are PDFs stationed at the school and that they have weapons, which is false, as there are only children and teachers present.

In addition, UNICEF Myanmar and Save the Children have issued their strongest condemnation of the attack on a school in Dabayin Township, Sagaing Region.

BBC report

Press release of Dipayin Township’s Refugee Support Group

Statement by UNICEF Myanmar and Save the Children

Therefore, the news spread by military lobbyists on social media, ” PDFs from various regions are making weapons behind the NUG school to seize Dabayin Town ” is just an allegation without any solid evidence.

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