Kyaikto, September (24)

It was reported that three civilians were killed and one was injured in a clash between the military council and the KNLA joint forces near Ingabo and Bikkar villages in Kyaikto township, Mon state.

The Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) conducted twin attacks on military convoy with landmines near Ingabo and Bikkar villages on the morning of September 22.

Two farm workers were killed by the artillery shells from regime forces stationed near Letpanpin cemetery in Ingabo village after the landmine attack.

Moreover, a man on a motorcycle driving close to the military convoy was killed by pieces of shrapnel, and a woman who was riding with him was also injured.

Among those who died in the shooting and landmine attacks were two Ingabo residents, and it is not yet known where the man on the motorcycle is from.

It is reported that the civilians who died in the attack between the two sides have been taken by the social rescue teams and brought to Kyaikto Township.

Than Lwin Times contacted the officials of the Kyaikto Township Hospital to find out about the victims, but they did not respond.

Nearly 20,000 local residents have fled to safe places due to the clashes between the two sides and the military council’s mortar shelling in Kyaikto Township after coup.

News – Than Lwin Times

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