Yebyu, September (27)

According to locals and PDF officials, the junta forces have been planning to raid Yebyu Township’s Hnankye and Kyayzutaw villages in Tanintharyi Region with enormous force.

On September 25, 80 members of the regime’s armed forces invaded the villages of Hnankye and Kyayzutaw and set up camp at a monastery in the village and other locations outside the villages. 
The military council also arrested three local residents, U Nyi Nyi, U Tun Naing and Daw Tin Khaing, and took them to Dawei.

In addition, on the morning of September 26, another 50 military forces entered the villages of Hnankye and Kyayzutaw in trucks loaded with machine guns.

Officials of the People’s Defense Forces said preparations had been made due to the military council’s activities, and that if the military council’s column entered, there might be fierce fighting.

Some locals have evacuated in advance because many of the military council forces are stationed within the communities, while others remain to keep an eye on the situation.

The Hnankye and Kyayzutaw villages, where the military council’s columns are operating, are territories under the administration of the Karen National Union (KNU) Brigade 4.

News – Than Lwin Times

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