Thaton, September (28)

The 25 rules that must be followed by the revolutionary forces and allies in KNU Brigade 1 (Thatthong District) have been issued with the signature of KNU-Thaton District Secretary Pado Saw Aye Naing.

The directive states that the revolutionary forces must abide by the guidelines and regulations established by the district leaders and follow local regulations, including those issued for the resistance forces.

In addition, it has been mentioned that the operations should not be carried out on their own accord, and that they should submit to the authorities at all levels and obtain permission to carry out activities against the military dictatorship, and take care to ensure that the lives and property of the people are not harmed.

It also instructed them not to carry out kidnappings, accept donations, threaten the public and ask for money under the name of revolution.

The KNU-Thatthong District’s Secretary Pado Saw Aye Naing told the Than Lwin Times that some of the allied forces are not following the specified rules and are acting according to their own consent, which may deviate from the revolutionary objectives.

As a result, those who do not follow the rules will be warned the first time according to the KNU procedure, suspended from their duties the second time, and expelled from the group the third time.

The Ogre and Blood Brothers, a Belin resistance force, said all resistance forces have pledged to abide by the KNU’s rules.

In the KNU-Thaton District, there are at least 15 revolutionary forces fighting for the downfall of the military dictators.

At the moment, revolutionary forces in Thaton District have formed the Alliance Supervision Committee in collaboration with the KNU-Thaton District and are fighting to bring the military dictatorship to an end.

News – Than Lwin Times

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