Yangon, September (30)

Entertainment companies must seek censorship approval before airing local and foreign film episodes, according to Deputy Minister of the Military Council’s Information Ministry, U Ye Tint.

This announcement was made by the military council on September 27 at a meeting with representatives of the media organization.

According to Deputy Minister U Ye Tint, the dialogue and scenes in the series need to be censored since they contain information that shouldn’t be made public given the current situation.

A veteran art entrepreneur said that this restriction on television channels is done to flex their muscles.

“At present, when there is less interest in Burmese films, asking companies to seek censorship to show films with subtitles is a show of power by the military council and sends a message that they don’t care about anyone,” he added.

Following the military takeover in Myanmar, the acts of the military council traced back to the time of the Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma, according to a political analyst.

Previously, domestic and foreign series were broadcast with Burmese subtitles or Burmese dubbing without being submitted to the censor board.

Following the coup, the military council began suppressing all industries and revoked licenses for publications and media outlets.

News – Than Lwin Times

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