Dawei, September (30)

Three military personnel were reportedly killed in an attack on Pakari police station in Tanintharyi Region’s Dawei Township, PDF officials told Than Lwin Times.

A combined force of PDF fired at least 13 mortar shots on a police station around 5 pm on September 28.

The military council forces fired in retaliation after the attack, but the PDF joint forces were able to retreat without suffering any losses.

After the attack, about 40 regime troops came to the Pakari police station with cars loaded with machine guns to reinforce, said a PDF member.

The Pakari Police Station was also attacked by the PDF joint forces in April, and the station was set on fire.

After that, about 20 soldiers and policemen were stationed at the Pakari police station.

There is still military tension between the local defense forces and the military council due to the military activities of the regime forces in Dawei Township.

News – Than Lwin Times

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