Mawlamyine, October (1)

Commodity prices, including basic food items, have not decreased as much as expected despite a decline in dollar and baht prices since the last week of September.

Following the military takeover, the value of the dollar and Thai baht gradually increased, reaching record highs in late August at about 4,500 kyats per dollar and 100 kyats per baht.

One dollar was valued at 2,800 kyats in the final week of September, while one Thai baht was worth about 70 kyats.

But the price of a bag of Paw Hsan is still 66,000 Kyats, that of a viss of cooking oil is 10,000 Kyats, while the price of an egg is more than 250 Kyats, and other basic food prices remain the same as before.

A housewife said that the price of basic food does not decrease, which affects the people of the grassroot people.

The facts that buying goods when prices rise, delays in purchasing goods and shortages keep prices going up.

People are just purchasing basic food products because the prices of those items are not falling, and daily-wage earners will have to eat one fewer rice meal as a result.

Mon State mainly imports various food products, such as edible oil and dried noodles, from Thailand, and onions, potatoes, and chilies are mainly imported and distributed from the upper regions.

News – Than Lwin Times

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