Kyaikto, October (2)

According to KNU Thaton District officials, a combined force of Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) attacked two junta checkpoints in Moppalin and Winkalaw villages in Mon State.

The KNLA and PDF joint forces attacked the military checkpoint at the intersection of Sittaung Bridge in Moppalim village with various weapons on the 30th of September.

Two military personnel were killed and four others injured in the attack, said Padoh Saw Aye Naing, the secretary of KNU Thaton District.

A driver was hurt as a result of the military council’s indiscriminate shooting, and a woman who had fled, fearing gunshots, slid and was hit by a car, suffering a severe injury to her left leg.

On the morning of October 1, the KNLA joint forces shelled mortars into the junta gate at the crossroad of WInkalaw village, Kyaikto Township.

The junta forces opened fire with heavy weapons after leaving the gate and it is not yet known whether there were any casualties on either side.

The regime’s Moppalin and Winkalaw checkpoints in Kyaikto were frequently targeted by resistance forces, with regime forces suffering heavy losses.

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