Mawlamyine, October (4)

The organizers of the gambling in Mawlamyine, Mon State, are working with the military council to expand their events, sources close to the regime told Than Lwin Times.

The coup council has almost officially allowed the gambling communities with the aim of keeping the residents of Mawlamyine from paying attention to politics, and the civilians were hired, armed and asked to provide security, the source said.

The military council allows betting on cockfighting, card games, dice games, spinning wheel games, etc. on weekends and gets about 500 lakhs of income per day from them.

The source added that the state police chief and military strategist commander allow those kinds of gambling with the sale of drugs.

The military council has set up gambling communities in Thayatkone, Shankone, and Babukone villages in Mawlamyine and in the remaining neighborhoods and villages as well. There are also pawnshops and sales of stolen motorcycles there.

The theft, robberies, and looting are on the rise due to such gambling communities while the country faces crises such as increased commodity prices and job scarcity due to the military coup, and people’s lives are no longer safe.

Despite the complaints, the relevant authorities did not take action against the gambling groups, and the informants were also threatened with life, the source said.

According to information gathered by Than Lwin Times, the military council allowed at least 30 gambling groups in all ten townships of Mon State following the military coup.

News – Than Lwin Times

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