Yangon, October (8)

On October 7, five groups of CDM soldiers announced that they would put systematic measures in place to prevent soldiers from joining the Civil Disobedient Movement (CDM) who do not have revolutionary beliefs and convictions.

The announcement of five CDM soldier groups – People’s Embrace, People’s Goals, Pyithu Thar Kaung, People’s Soldiers Defense Force, and Break Brain Washing – came after former defector Major Myo Min Tun returned to the junta.

On October 5, Major Myo Min Tun, who returned to the coup military group, made false statements about the NUG and the revolution in junta-controlled propaganda media, according to the statement.

According to Ko Victor, a CDM captain, soldiers and policemen who join CDM in the future may be more closely monitored as a result of Major Myo Min Tun’s instance.

Major Myo Min Tun was the temporary battalion commander of the Light Infantry Battalion 351 when the soldiers suffered the most casualties due to the defensive of the Spring Revolution forces.

According to a statement by CDM military personnel, he joined the CDM because the military council troops were burning and destroying villages in his native Sagaing Region’s Dibayin Township, and because the military leaders forced subordinates to fight to the death.

Major Myo Min Tun got the support of the people for joining the CDM, but he did not share his knowledge and experience with the revolutionary forces. It is reported that he had to be supported by the CDM military and NUG for his accommodation and meals.

Major Myo Min Tun will soon travel to a third country thanks to the cooperation of CDM military personnel and expatriate Myanmar citizens, but the plan to travel to a third country was canceled for various reasons, and his wife also called him back.

However, the CDM military groups will cooperate with the NUG government and work harder to support the CDM, which is a way to achieve the revolution, with the support of the people.

News – Than Lwin Times

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