Mawlamyine, October (11)

No one has registered to join community security groups that were forcibly formed by the military council in Mon state, the administrators told Than Lwin Times.

The authorities, comprised of heads and staff of 21 township-level departments, have been organizing since the second week of September to form community security groups in various townships under the guidance of junta-appointed Mon State Chief Minister U Zaw Lin Tun.

According to a ward administrator, not a single person in every ward and village has joined the security groups that the military council mandated be established.

Officials have reported it to the township military council that there is no one registered to participate in the security groups, but they have not accepted it, and are pressuring them to form community security groups.

Currently, only militia, veterans, the pro-military Pyu Saw Htee group and members of USDP party (Union Solidarity and Development Party) have registered to join security groups, the community administrators said.

The military council, which is struggling on the front lines, needs a lot of troops and is planning to form community security groups to use the local population due to the lack of territorial control.

Although the local people have expressed their unwillingness to participate in the public security groups, the authorities are pressing for the mandatory formation of such groups.

News – Than Lwin Times

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