Tanintharyi, October (14)

The CDM staff warned that the coup military council is preparing to carry out heavy offensive in Tanintharyi during the upcoming open season, with army and navy forces, as well as an airstrikes if necessary.

The military council is currently transporting jet fuel and ammunition by waterway for the offensive.

CDM Capt. Zeya Thu said that the junta army used to conduct offensives during the open season and used airstrikes when the resistance forces suffered losses. At the same time, the naval forces had also been put on standby.

” Rakhine and Tanintharyi will certainly be attacked. The military council can use both aircraft and ships. The sent aircraft fuel for Myeik Air Force headquarters from Thilawa Port to Thanlwin navy base. Tanks can also be sent by waterway,” CDM Capt. Zeya Thu said.

On the other hand, since the first week of last October, military troops have been stationed en mass in some villages in Tanintharyi Region.

A local resident said they had to store basic foodstuffs in advance before the regime troops invaded the villages.

“When the open season began, we had to get ready for everything. If the military column conducted a raid, I would no longer be able to remain in the village and would have to flee. To feed my family, I had to purchase fish paste, rice, oil, and salt, ”  she added.

The military tension intensified between the two sides with the increased preparation of junta forces, and there were frequent skirmishes in Tanintharyi Region.

Tanintharyi Region is one of the most powerful regions in the armed resistance against the military council in the country, and there are no less than 30 guerrilla forces and People’s Defense Forces.

News – Than Lwin Times

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