Tanintharyi, October (19)

The combat drones are now being used by the coup military council in Tanintharyi Region, where there is military tension between the two sides, the officials from Tanintharyi Regional Command told Than Lwin Times.

The Military Council previously only used drones to scout the locations of the People’s Defense Forces, but now they are also using combat drones.

The current move by the military council is to counter the drone attack by the People’s Defense Forces, and it is believed to be possible because they can no longer afford the cost of attacking with heavy weapons.

However, Jupiter, who is in charge of the Tanintharyi Military Region Command, said that they have prepared to defend in the best way against the drone attack by the junta.

The resistance forces warned the public that if they see drones flying in the air, they should not go outside and hide in sheltered places or big trees.

On October 13, the Military Council attacked the drug and cargo checkpoints of the Karen People’s Defense Force in the KNU-controlled area of Palaw Township with a combat drone for the first time.

A comrade from Karen PDF was reported to have sustained injuries in the attack.

News – Than Lwin Times

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