More than 7,700 battles erupt in Myanmar since last year’s coup


Yangon, October (20)

More than 7,700 armed conflicts broke out throughout Myanmar between last year’s February coup and October 12 this year, with Karen State having the highest number, according to the Institute for Strategy and Policy (ISP-Myanmar), a research group.

At least 450 clashes have occurred between the military council and Ethnic Armed Organizations (EAOs), ISP-Myanmar said.

The military council clashed with armed resistance forces such as Local Defense Forces (LDF), People’s Defense Forces (PDF), Chinland Defense Force (CDF), Chin National Defense Force (CNDF), and Karenni National Defense Force (KNDF), with 2169 battles reported.

Fighting occurred between the military council, ethnic armed forces, and local joint defense forces, as well as among ethnic armed forces.

In May of last year, there were at least 622 clashes between the military council and ethnic armed forces, accounting for more than half of all battles nationwide.

In the wake of the military coup, Karen State has seen the highest number of clashes at 4,383, followed by Sagaing Region with 830 clashes.

There have been at least 40 confrontation between the military council and the Arakan Army (AA) in six townships in Rakhine State this year, despite a nearly one-year ceasefire, according to the ISP-Myanmar,

Additionally, the military council carried out at least 14 airstrikes in Rakhine State, forcing almost 10,000 locals to flee for safety.

According to ISP-Myanmar, the data is based on reports from independent media outlets and civil society organizations, and the actual number may be higher.

News – Than Lwin Times


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