Resistances forces occupy Kawkareik prison, prisoners join battle against military council


Kawkariek, October (22)

The revolutionary forces raided the Kawkareik police station’s prison and released the detainees during the battle to seize the town of Kawkareik in Karen State, according to the statement released by White Tiger Division-1.

In the early morning of October 21, the Kawtoolei Army’s Lion Battalion, KNLA joint forces, White Dragon Column, Eagle Brigades Federal Wings, White Dragon Column and allied forces engaged in the seizure of Kawkareik Township which was now surrounded and patrolled by resistance forces.

The regime forces suffered heavy losses in the battle and two military aircraft from Hmawbi Air Base carried out aerial bombardment.

However, the statement said that the revolutionary forces had made preparations for this situation and then planned to capture Kawkareik.

The revolutionary groups have urged the public to help as they need to replenish food and ammunition.

News – Than Lwin Times


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