Mawlamyine, October (25)

The military council has reportedly controlled non-CDM staff without allowing them to return home for any reason amid frequent clashes between the revolutionary forces and regime forces in many regions of the country.

In the third week of this month, the military regime instructed responsible officials not to allow civil servants to return to homes in their native places under any circumstances in Kyaikto, Ye, Belin and Thaton townships, where the PDF joint forces and the regime troops are currently fighting.

The military council was worried that the revolutionary forces would take over the cities, so they used the employees as hostages, a non-CDM staff from Ye Township told Than Lwin Times.

People want to resign as government employees as a result of these circumstances, and some have submitted resignation letters, but the military council will not allow them to do so, according to a non-CDM staff from Beilin Township.

Meanwhile, there is ongoing fighting in Kyaikto, Ye, Belin and Thaton Townships as well as Karen State.

On October 21, a clash occurred in Kawkareik between a combined force of KNLA Brigade 6 and junta forces, killing four civilians and injuring 21 others.

Following the coup, thousands of civil servants from various departments and ministries, including the sectors of education and health, joined the nonviolent Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM).

The National Government Union (NUG) reported that the police under the Ministry of Home Affairs and the military personnel under the Ministry of Defence have also joined CDM, bringing the total to 8,000.

News – Than Lwin Times

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