Thayatchaung, October (30)

The regime forces have been hunting down deserters in some villages in Tanintharyi Region’s Thayatchaung Township since the early morning of October 29, the locals told Than Lwin Times.

The 70-strong junta troops conducted searches after entering rubber plantations and forests in Kyarinn and Kyaukhlekhar villages.

A local said that the regime forces interrogated farm workers but did not arrest them.

Workers and inhabitants of rubber plantations are fearful of the military council’s invasion, so they have stopped working and have stayed at home to monitor the situation.

The Military Council claimed to be searching for deserters, but the locals were afraid that there might be a fight with the People’s Defense Forces.

About 100 junta troops who entered Thayatchaung on October 22 were stationed in some surrounding villages.

There were at least 400 clashes between the military council and the People’s Defense Forces in Tanintharyi after coup.

News – Than Lwin Times.

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