Dawei, November (1)

The invasion of 200-strong junta forces has heightened tensions between the two sides in eastern Dawei in Tanintharyi Regions, the PDF from eastern Dawei told Than Lwin Times.

The two junta columns, one with 100-strong forces from Dawei and the other 100-strong from Thayatchaung, invaded the eastern area of Dawei.

Therefore, clashes broke out between the two sides near Darthwaykyauk village in eastern Dawei, escalating military tensions.

The fighting has forced all the villagers and some residents of nearby villages to flee in advance.

According to a comrade from eastern Dawei PDF, the Military Council invasion of the area will likely intensify the conflict between the two sides.

As the military council troops entered the eastern Dawei area, the combined forces of PDFs issued a joint warning to motorists and ambulances driving on the Dawei-Htee Khee road to go only between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm, to lower their window glass when driving, and to accept the public defense group inspection.

In addition, the PDFs have ordered vehicles that transport migrant workers abroad and three-wheeled motorcycles that buy metal and iron not to pass, and have said that effective action will be taken if the statement is not followed.

News – Than Lwin Times

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