Hpa-an, November (5)

The patients were evacuated urgently because the regime fired artillery shells at Phalantaung District Hospital in Hatalite village tract in Karen State’s Hap-an Township, the officials from KNU, Thaton District told Than Lwin Times.

On November 1, Light Infantry Battalion 408 (Kamamaung), under the 8th Military Operations Commands of the military council, fired five rounds with a 120 mm launcher at Phalantaung District Hospital.

Although the hospital was not damaged in the attack, it was temporarily closed for security reasons, and the patients and health workers inside were evacuated.

The KNU’s secretary for Thaton District, Padoh Saw Aye Naing, told Than Lwin Times that the junta’s attack on the hospital is a threat to the health workers, and he strongly condemn this action.

The Phalandaung District Hospital is a 16-bed district hospital located in Hpa-an Township under the control of the KNU, and after the military coup, volunteers and health workers have been providing health services together there.

Every day, hundreds of patients from far and near came to Phalandaung Hospital for treatment.

On November 16 last year, the junta’s allied BGF troops raided Phalandaung District Hospital, took medicines and other items, and destroyed some of them.

News – Than Lwin Times

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