Ye, November (8)

Workers in Ye Township, Mon State, are finding it difficult to go to work due to regional instability and insecurity, residents of Ye informed The Than Lwin Times.

Ye Township mainly relies on agricultural businesses such as growing rubber, rice, and betel nuts.

But since the military coup, frequent clashes between the military council and the People’s Defense Forces and the military council’s restrictions have hurt those businesses.

Now is the time for farm work and harvesting, but workers are hesitant to go to work owing to the insecurity of the situation, according to a farm owner.

After departmental offices were repeatedly attacked, the coup council issued a local order for the security of the people, the rule of law, and the peace and stability of the community.

The local order prohibits travel across the area without the recommendation letter of ward/township administrators and National Registration Cards, two males are not permitted to ride motorcycles, and no vehicles or people are permitted to pass through the town between 8 pm and 4 am.

Locals are always concerned about going to work because of the fighting between the Military Council and the People’s Defense Forces on the Ye-Thanbyuzayat-Dawei highway.

The local residents say that their businesses are being harmed due to their inability to access the workplace when the rubber, betel nuts, and rice are to be harvested.

On the other hand, the farm workers are worried for their safety because of the invasion of the junta, which is secretly deploying troops along the road.

Currently, the military council has tightened security in the area and carried out a blockade, so the local residents are having a hard time traveling and making money.

News- Than Lwin Times

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