Paung, November (9)

At least 10 locals were arrested after a shooting between the People’s Defense Forces and the junta armed forces in Mon State’s Paung Township, the sources close to the junta told Than Lwin Times.

On October 27, an exchange of fire broke out between the two sides after the Military Council raided a place where the People’s Defense Forces were encamped in Kokkan Ale village, Ohntabin village tract of Paung Township.

After the shooting, at least 10 local residents were arrested by the Military Council, accusing them of having ties to the People’s Defense Forces.

It is unknown where the detained individuals are being held by the junta, and their family members have been unable to contact them.

A comrade from the People’s Defense Forces was killed and the other was captured alive during the exchange of fire between the two sides.

Currently, the military forces have tightened security in Paung Township and have deployed a large number of troops in villages in the southeast of the town.

News – Than Lwin Times

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