Thaton, November (11)

The regime troops who advancing towards Kyaikto Township, held by KNU Brigade-1 in October, arrested and killed three local residents in October, the KNU (Thaton District) said.

Since October 13, two military columns with a combined 300 soldiers have stormed the communities within the Kyaikto Township under KNU control.

The statement claims that on October 14, the invading army assassinated Ko Aung Myint Sein, a 33-year-old native of Upper Ingabo village.

On the 19th and 21st of October, 30-year-old Upper Ingabo villager Ko Zaw Htet and 66-year-old U Hmone Gyi from Shwekheyo village were arrested and killed.

Ko Zaw Htet, 30, a resident of Upper Ingabo Village, and U Hmone Gyi, 66, a resident of Shwekheyo Village, were both detained and executed on October 19 and 21.

The military forces not only slaughtered the residents but also set fire to their homes, according to Padoh Saw Aye Naing, the secretary for the KNU, Thathon District.

According to reports, the junta army burned down at least ten local homes, ransacked them, and looted valuables.

When the regime troops entered Kyaikto Township, at least 10 clashes broke out with the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), resulting in casualties on both sides. News – Than Lwin Times

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