Ye, November (12)

The Ye People’s Defense Force (YPDF) has warned to close schools in the north of Ye Township, Mon State, as they are about to step up the attacks on military council and its stooges.

The Ye People’s Defense Force (YPDF) has repeatedly attacked military convoys, junta camps, and military supporters after the military coup.

Because the YPDF is prepared to fight the regime forces and their lackeys during the upcoming open season, advance warning was issued so that children would not be hurt, YPDF official, Lieutenant Yan Naing told Than Lwin Times.

There are at least 100 schools in the northern areas of Ye Township, such as Mokanin, Lamai, Kawduk, Hnitkayin, and Thaunpyin villages.

Furthermore, at the beginning of the open season, more seasonal festivities are being held in the northern part of the Ye Township than elsewhere, so the YPDF warns civilians to remain cautious not to be harmed in the case of a firefight between the two sides.

After the military coup, regime departments and military outposts were frequently attacked in Ye Township, so the military council issued a local order and tightened security.

News-Than Lwin Times

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