Mawlamyine, November (19)

The local people and SME entrepreneurs told Than Lwin Times that more power outages have caused difficulties for the people during the 22-month military coup in Mon State.

Electricity was previously provided to neighborhoods and villages on a rotating basis every three hours, but now power outages last longer.

According to one SME business owner, prolonged power outages force companies to use generators, raising overall expenditures.

Due to more electricity outages, most of the SMEs have reduced their operations, and some have stopped them.

On the other hand, not only SMEs but also the general public are facing the problem of blackouts.

Intermittent power supplies forced local people to use more firewood, charcoal, and gas for cooking, and businesses had to purchase generators for power, increasing general costs.

The military council has yet to comment on the possibility of further power outages.

Power outages were only experienced during the summer under the NLD government, but after the military takeover, people experienced power outages all year.

News- Than Lwin Times

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