Yangon, November (20)

Political analysts have argued that the ASEAN special envoy for Myanmar, Cambodia Foreign Minister Prak Sokhonn’s third visit will not result in significant changes to Myanmar’s affairs.

Cambodian Foreign Minister Prak Sokhonn, the ASEAN special envoy for Myanmar, announced on November 17 that he will visit Myanmar for the third and last time.

He expressed the hope that he would be able to discuss measures to put an end to violence, build trust, provide humanitarian assistance, and hold peace talks with all parties during his trip.

Political analyst Dr. Sai Kyi Zin Soe concluded that the ASEAN special envoy’s first and second visits failed to implement a five-point consensus, and the third visit will not result in significant changes.

He added that the military council’s move to free prisoners prior to the arrival of the ASEAN special envoy was in accordance with the five-point consensus set by ASEAN and was a positive sign for peace and conflict settlement in Myanmar.

U Than Soe Naing, a political analyst, criticized the military council’s release of the prisoners as a step toward the election, and Prak Sokhonn’s third visit offers no hope for Myanmar. Thank you for the prisoners’ release. It’s a positive step. However, only 10% of those released are political prisoners”.

The ASEAN special envoy visited Myanmar twice, firstly in March 21-23 and secondly in June 30–July 2.

The five-point consensus on Myanmar issues was established at the ASEAN Summit in April last year, but the military council has yet to implement it.

The ASEAN’s five-point consensus includes demands for dialogue with all relevant groups, an immediate end to terrorist solutions, the release of arrested state leaders and political prisoners, and the provision of humanitarian assistance.

The Myanmar Foreign Minister declared that the five-point consensus would not be implemented because ASEAN did not invite the leaders of the military regime to the summits.

On November 12, the National Unity Government (NUG) released a statement saying that the NUG must be taken into account in order to provide meaningful assistance because the ASEAN common agreements are insufficient to establish peace.

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