Myawaddy, November (26)

The Karen National Union (KNU) reported that the junta troops suffered significant losses in confrontations with KNLA combined forces over the course of 20 days in November in KNU Brigade 6 of Dooplaya District.

There were 21 large and small conflicts between the KNLA joint forces and the regime forces from November 1 to November 24, which resulted in 33 junta fatalities and 38 wounded, with the possibility of many more unconfirmed losses.

In the morning of November 22, a clash broke out between the 27th KNLA Battalion and the 215th Light Infantry Battalion of the junta’s 11th Division in the southern area of Ladagaw in Kyondoe Township. According to the statement, three people were killed and seven others were injured on the junta side.

Furthermore, a four-day battle took place near Blatto village on the Myawaddy-Walley road in Brigade area between the combined force of KNLA Battalion 27, Cobra Column, the Black Panther Column, the Brigade Security Column, the Federal Wings Drone Team, the Dawn Squadron, and junta armed forces, the Cobra column reported.

During that battle, the military council said supported his forces with multiple rocket launcher, 40-mm mortar shells and helicopters, the Cobra column said.

In addition, many houses of the local people in Blatto village were reportedly damaged due to the military council’s firing using multiple launch rocket system and 120-mm mortar shells.

The KNU also stated that the military council is still conducting operations in the area of the Brigade 6, which is currently being secured by 27th KNLA Battalion.

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