Dawei, November 27

There have been clashes between the two sides as the military council has been conducting military operations in the KNU’s 4th Brigade of Myeik-Dawei District, and nearly 50 junta soldiers were killed in the 16 days of fighting, the KNU reported.

The regime’s 224 Infantry Battalion, the Light Infantry Battalions 559, 560, 281, 557, 558 and 561 and other battalions are constantly engaged in military activities in the towns of Lekasaw, Lemular, Kasaedo,Tanawthayi and Ledoesoe under  Myeik-Dawei District of KNU’s 4th Brigade, clashing with KNLA/KNDO.

From November 1 to 16, there were 30 clashes between the joint force of the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) and the Karen National Defense Organization (KNDO), and regime forces, with 48 junta soldiers killed and 26 injured.

The KNLA/KNDO lost two members and sustained four injuries.

There have been 123 small and large battles between the military council and the KNLA / KNDO joint forces in the area of the 4th Brigade of Myeik-Dawei District from January to November16, this year, with 246 killed and 239 injured on the junta side.

According to the KNU statement, 14 KNLA/KNDO members were killed and seven others were injured in these battles.

News-Than Lwin Times

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