Mawlamyine, November (30)

The 11th Mon Youth Day, which falls on December 28, is scheduled to take place in the region controlled by the New Mon State Party (NMSP), the officials from the Mon Youth Forum (MYF) told Than Lwin Times.

Mon Youth Day, which has been held since 2012, is celebrating its 11th year this year.

This year’s Mon Youth Day is planned to be held in the area under the control of the New Mon State Party due to the current political situation.

Nai Myint Soe, the spokesperson for the Mon Youth Forum (MYF), said that they will negotiate with officials from the NMSP to hold the Mon Youth Day ceremony.

However, Nai Myint Soe stated that if the Mon Youth Day ceremony is not allowed to be held in the area controlled by NMSP, it will be held in a hall in Mawlamyine, and that they intend to share information with the youth via social media.

Mon Youth Day was held to honor the leaders who fought for the rights of the Mon people and to foster friendship among the Mon youth.

The 10th Mon Youth Day was held at Ramanyarahta Buddhist University in Mawlamyine, Mon State.

Since the military coup, the youth have been the main target of the Military Council, and the activities of Mon youth have slowed down in all aspects of Mon State.

News-Than Lwin Times

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