Dawei, December (7)

The military council has beefed up security and inspected all travelers after a mine exploded at the Kamyawkin bridge at Dawei city gate, Tanintharyi Region, the local told Than Lwin Times.

Following the assault on the Maungmagan police station and explosion beneath the mine warning sign of the Kamyawkin Bridge, the regime’s troops are conducting a careful inspection at the entry to Dawei city on the evening of December 4.

The security forces check every person who enters Dawei from Launglon Township with the photos the have, and if they are suspicious, they take them into the gate and interrogate them.

According to local residents, the military troops thoroughly checked travelers coming to Dawei and yelled or swore at some of them.

Hundreds of passengers, cars, and motorcycles are stranded near the Kamyawkin Bridge as a result of the regime forces’ blockade and inspection, causing travel delays.

The two women were injured in the mine explosion at the Kamyawkin Bridge, and at least three members of the military personnel were reportedly killed in the shooting at the Maungmagan police station, according to sources close to the People’s Defense Forces.

After the attack on the Maungmagan police station, the regime troops are desperately searching for PDFs around Maungmagan village.

News-Than Lwin Times

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