Kawthoolei, December (14)

The Commander-in-Chief of the Kawthoolei Army (KTLA), Saw Nerdah Mya, urged the Karen people to fight common enemies together with other ethnic groups who share the same goals in order to gain independence as soon as possible.

Saw Nerdah Mya, Commander-in-Chief of the Kawthoolei Army, made this comment in his speech for the Karen New Year, which will fall on December 22.

Efforts have been made since ancient times to recognize the many different Karen ethnic groups as a single ethnic group, but it has yet to be implemented, according to Saw Nerdah Mya.

Saw Nerdah Mya added that they must unite and work together to make the Karen people free because the Karen people are suffering from oppression, killing, and unjust torture in all kinds of ways.

The Kawthoolei Army (KTLA) participated in the Kawkayeik battle in Karen State, attack on Taungkalay police station in Kyaikmaraw, and Walley battle, together with the allied resistance forces.

The Kawthoolei Army (KTLA) is led by the former Chief of Staff of the Karen National Defense Organization (KNDO), Saw Nerdah Mya.

News-Than Lwin Times

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