Yangon, December (16)

Myanmar’s military regime committed grave human rights violations in southeastern Myanmar, for which the military has received complete impunity, and this practice will continue even after the military coup in 2021, the Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG) reported.

A report titled “Undeniable” was released by Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG) on December 13.

The report is based on villagers’ testimonies documented over the last 30 years, describing the living conditions of villagers who have been subjected to the current waves of violence, the KHRG said.

‘The Undeniable’ presents strong evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Myanmar soldiers, but the international community has repeatedly failed to take practical action, the KHRG said.

The KHRG’s report provided suggestions on how national and international stakeholders can support accountability for the perpetrators, bring justice to the countless victims of atrocities, and prevent other abuses from happening in the present and future.

The KHRG calls on the international community, NGOs, regional and foreign governing bodies, and funding organizations to acknowledge that the military junta is the root cause behind the current human rights and humanitarian crisis and to stop legitimizing it in any way, including by signing agreements with it and giving it credentials.

The KHRG further suggests that international community broaden the scope of investigative accountability to include crimes committed against other ethnic and religious minorities since human rights investigations and proceedings do not presently cover these offenses.

The KHRG also demanded that the international community halt the export of aviation fuel, take steps to ensure that it does not directly or indirectly contribute to these supply chains, and halt all arms transfers to Myanmar, including the delivery of all weapons, munitions, surveillance technologies, and other military and security equipment, and the provision of training and other military and security assistance.

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